When Can I Access My Super?

Date of Birth

Preservation Age

Before 01/07/1960

55 years

01/07/1960 – 30/06/1961

56 years

01/07/1961 – 30/06/1962  

57 years

01/07/1962 – 30/06/1963     

58 years

01/07/1963 – 30/06/1964  

59 years

From 01/07/1964

60 years

There are multiple ways that you can legally access your superannuation under Australian legislation. These are known as conditions of release.
The five most common conditions of release are;

  1. Being over preservation age and retiring
  2. Being over preservation age and starting a transition-to-retirement income stream (TRIS)
  3. Being 60 or over and ceasing an employment arrangement
  4. Being 65 or over
  5. Death

Early Release Of Super
There are eight additional conditions of release that will allow you to access your super early if you meet strict eligibility criteria;


  1. On compassionate grounds
  2. If you’re suffering severe financial hardship
  3. If you’re diagnosed with a terminal medical condition
  4. If you’re temporarily incapacitated
  5. If you’re permanently incapacitated
  6. Through the First Home Super Saver Scheme
  7. If you’re a temporary resident departing Australia
  8. If you terminate gainful employment with less than $200 in your super account

*Source – Colonial First State’s Superannuation Guide – 01/07/2018