Personal Risk Insurance

Personal Risk Insurance

prOTECTING YOUR GREATEST ASSET : “You and your family”

Insurance is an integral part of the financial planning process and protecting those we love is of the utmost importance. 


No-one ever plans to become seriously ill or die. But when it happens having the right cover in place can make for a less worrying time. 


Thinking about insuring your home when a fire is nearby is not the best position to be in and it’s the same for life insurance. 


So better to be prepared when there is nothing wrong with you and when you are healthy. 


There are different types of insurance:


  • Life cover 
  • Total and Permanent disability cover 
  • Trauma insurance 
  • Income protection
  • Children’s cover 
  • Business insurance cover 

Each of these covers have a place, however depending on age, occupation, health status etc the premiums and the covers will vary. 


Understanding what you need and when, is a task for you and  your financial planner to discuss and  they will work with you so you are not under-insured. 


Our role as financial planners is to one day tell you that you no longer require insurance cover. It is not something that you should set and forget and should be reviewed on a regular basis.


Written by AM Seagrim