Since the day we opened our office in Port Augusta in 1987 we had to become very knowledgeable on the rules of the Social Security system.

It is now a large part of our service offering and a topic we understand is very important to many and an integral part of their retirement planning.

There are a large range of payments and rules, from age pension, disability pension, carer’s payment, carers allowance, newstart allowance, parenting payments and many more.


The rules regarding income and asset testing continually change and it is our role to ensure that we understand the changes and how they affect our clients. We have a service called, Pensioner Management Service, which ensures that when a change occurs which may affect your assessment we update this information directly on your behalf to Centrelink. We also record in detail and keep copies of every document we handle on your behalf on our system.


There has been a lot of misinformation about the workings of Centrelink and we have seen many people miss out on their rightful benefits due to listening to a friend or a neighbour. The best advice is to seek advice and ask a Seagrims Financial Planner for the answers instead of trying to work it out yourself, as it is a minefield of rules and regulations.


Written by AM Seagrim

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