Invest In Their Tomorrow!

Invest In Their Tomorrow!

As parents we want our children to have the best education possible and have the best start in life, yet education expenses and housing can be costly.

The money you spend on your children’s education, as well as expenses while they are studying or putting a deposit for their first home, could be one of your family’s biggest expenses. Starting to save early can help you achieve the best outcome.

Many people think they can google good financial advice, however with so much information available via the Internet, it can be confusing and dangerous if you get it wrong. It is always best to get professional advice before putting any plans into action.

At Seagrims we can include your children in your financial planning advice. If you have younger children that are financially dependent on you, we can help you put strategies in place to start saving for their future education and/or living expenses. For your older and more independent children, we can guide them through budgeting strategies, put their life insurance and superannuation in order and help them get on the right track for a healthy financial future. 

Our job is to make sure that your money works hard for you, but also ends up in the right hands at the right time. This sounds more like an estate planning statement.

Written by AM Seagrim