Have You Checked the Children?

Have You Checked the Children?

As parents of young children, we all know and understand the importance of our role. However, when our kids grow up and leave the nest, we start to worry about things other than their schooling or social activities.

We start to ask ourselves: what happens if they can’t find work; what if they marry the wrong person; or even worse, what if they become too sick to support themselves or their families? 

Last year, at Seagrims we helped more clients claim on their insurance policies than ever before, due to sickness or, sadly, death. 

The kindest act you can perform for your kids is to help them to AVOID REGRET and encourage them to seek good financial advice about their own personal situation. 

Click below to read an article about the potential risks of buying Life Insurance online. Never before is it so crucial to seek advice. 

Beware the risks of buying online as life insurance meets technology!

Remember, our clients’ children are entitled to receive a free advice voucher to check if they are on the right financial track. Attached is a gift voucher for you to pass on. 

Thanks to those of you who have referred your kids into us. It has been an absolute pleasure helping them.

Written by AM Seagrim