Celebrating 40 years in finance... Six things I have learned!

Celebrating 40 years in finance... Six things I have learned!

On February 4th 1980, at the young age of almost 17, it was my very first day of employment at the Railroad Savings and Loans Society. I worked with my dear Father, Clem Matthews; who opened up the first branch of the Credit Union in Port Augusta in 1975.

When I look back at how financial services operated then, I am blown away by the changes that have occurred and how amazingly efficient and transparent finances have become.

The basics are still very apparent, such as budgeting, not borrowing too much, and living within your means.

What a journey the last 40 years have been. There have been some amazing things I have witnessed, which have helped mould our lovely business into what it is today. I still love going to work and doing what I enjoy.

We are very grateful for the beautiful clients who keep referring friends and family to see us, and our sensational staff who have stayed with us for such a long time. We are so very lucky to have you all.

Here are some of important things I have learned in my 40 years in finance:

  • Families who plan together generally stay together;
  • The best investment is a holiday or doing what you really love regularly;
  • Your greatest assets are your relationships and good health;
  • Money doesn’t bring happiness but helps have choices;
  • Too much debt is too much stress;
  • There is no quick way to wealth. Slow and steady wins the race.

 A “no regrets” approach at Seagrims certainly helps us stay on track and we hope it has helped you too.

Thank you for continuing to use our services.

Written by AM Seagrim