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(including salary sacrifice) 

The purpose of superannuation is to help build a nest egg for retirement. IE when you stop working for money it needs to start working for you. The choices are unbelievable in this county with over 40 Industry Super funds and countless retail super funds available. For clients with larger balances in their super there is also the option of DIY super called Self Managed Super funds. 

There is no perfect solution to saving for retirement but what we do know for sure is there is no quick way of getting rich so slow and steady wins the race. 

Knowing how much you can comfortably add to your super on a regular basis is the key to a healthy retirement. Ensuring you understand where your funds are invested will also be a main ingredient in knowing what is happening to the returns on your funds in the event of any major sharemarket jolts. 

Adding to your super via salary sacrifice is a sure way to reduce the tax payable on income. 

For example if your tax rate is 39% and superannuation contributions tax is only 15% (as at Feb 2016) then the savings on adding $5000 to super per year are approximately $1200. Tax on $5000 at 39% is $1950 and adding $5000 to super the tax is $750 hence a saving of $1200 which is a bonus for your super. 

You need to ensure you obtain good advice from a financial planner who is up to date with all the latest superannuation rules.

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