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Retirement Planning

Ah my favourite time in a person’s life. A time when there should be absolutely no regrets about leaving work and living the good life. However there are many traps for young players and careful planning can make this huge life change much simpler and more enjoyable if done correctly. 

It is vital you understand what you need to do to prepare for this event.

Firstly working out what you are really worth and what you need to live is the first step. 

Secondly finding a financial planner who understands your situation almost forensically to ensure that decisions made and investments chosen are ones which are made with the end result in mind. 

That is to ensure you have enough cash to have fun ie holidays, new car, helping out the kids and enough income to survive. 

It is not something that should be left to right before you leave work as it is a good idea to get started many years before the event to ensure you do not have any regrets.

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