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Work Cover Redemptions

When a person injures themselves at work there is an insurance called “workcover” which will cover them for part of their weekly income. After a period of time the person can be offered a lump sum in lieu of wages and medical expenses. 


As financial planners we are required to sign off the paperwork for this event to occur. 


Not only do we sign off the paperwork to ensure the person accepting the “workcover redemption” understands what they are doing we make sure their entire financial situation is looked into including budgeting, life insurance and superannuation. 


Getting advice when your life experiences change is crucial and can good advice can make a difference for the rest of your life. 


For example how long will your money need to last, which debts how long will you wait for Centrleink. There are many answers needed for the many questions which will arise from deciding to accept a lump sum in lieu of a weekly income.

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