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  • Kristen

    Kristen Scharenberg celebrating 20 years working with Seagrims

    Congratulations to our very own Kristen Scharenberg on 20 years employment with Seagrims! We are so glad we found you so long ago straight out of uni and that you have stayed to look after our beautiful clients! You are a legend and we can't thank you enough for your contribution to our business.... Read more »
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    Investment Market Impact Briefing

    Equity Market Instability

    ·         Volatility has returned to the equity markets over the course of the last month. They have been driven mainly in the US market. Given its size, at 60% of world equity markets, it has knock on effects to virtually all other equity markets. ·         Day to day swings in the major US equity... Read more »
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    Banking Inquiry: Advisers hiding behind the big 4

    As you may have seen on the news recently there is an inquiry into the banking industry in Australia.  This inquiry at the moment is focusing on bad financial advice given by some financial advisers within the big 4 banks, and within AMP and all of their subsidiary groups. We believe this is a... Read more »
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    2018 Positive Aging Expo

      Our adviser, Kristen Scharenberg, attending the 2018 Positive Aging Expo with one of our lovely clients, Christine Todd.   Read more »
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    Aged Care And The Value Of Financial Advice

    Sean Howard looks at the complexities of aged care costs and the substantial financial benefits that can be achieved with expert advice.

      Advising on aged care can be challenging. The costs associated with aged care facilities are complex and can vary significantly depending on a person’s circumstances. Moving into an aged care facility can also have a significant impact on social security benefits. Negative outcomes can often result when decisions are made without seeking advice. ... Read more »
  • Centrelink_1

    Changes to the Centrelink Pension Asset Test

    Call us today on 1800 818 933 if you are concerned!

    On 1 January 2017, there will be changes to the assets test we use to calculate pensions. The rebalance of the assets test may affect your payment.     Read more »
  • Budget-squeeze-graphic-ss-450pxl

    Federal Budget Analysis

    The Federal Government handed down its Budget last night and there are some very positive changes on the way in relation to taxation, Superannuation and Age Pension. Low and middle income earners will receive a lump sum tax offset on their tax returns of up to $530. The Government will also be gradually reducing... Read more »
  • Scam

    More scams going around

    bank details and opening themselves up to losing thousands of dollars. This is devastating for anyone who realises they have been scammed, especially at this time of year. They call you up at home and tell you not to tell anyone about this as you have been especially chosen for this cheap holiday and... Read more »

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